All successful businesses have one thing in common…a lot of projects. The key to growing a small business and to keeping a successful business profitable is to have your fingers in a lot of pies. You’ve got to keep on top of all the existing venues that are getting you results, as well as any new markets that pop up on the horizon, like Pinterest.

Here’s where Basecamp comes in, a project management software that simply makes your work life nost just easier but more productive. Basecamp is a leading online project management tool. In a nutshell, the software offers users automatic reminders, calendar management, document management, employee scheduling, group scheduling, multi-language features, reporting and task management. It has a customizable user interface and fantastic customer support. You can also integrate the software with email and cell phones.

Users love how simple it is to use. They’ve also found it helpful that the software offers multiple user management, archiving, milestone/goal creation, white boards and up/download functions. However, some felt the software was too simple. Other users have loved Basecamp for exactly that reason, with Businessweek saying “Basecamp is so simple you can’t do anything wrong.” In my opinion, it gets you what you need without the need for any software installation. Basecamp is supported by over a dozen mobile and iPad applications to make doing what you do even easier. That’s about as confusing as it could get, and these features you can either take or leave – it’s entirely up to the individual user.

The cost is manageable too, with a basic plan starting at $24/month (but you’ll have to look for it in the fine print below the three primary packages they offer on their pricing page). The basic plan gets you 15 projects and 5 GB file storage. While there is a free plan, it only gets you 1 project plus some add-ons, which is probably not worth it. If you’re serious about managing work and growing it, you’ll need at least a basic plan.

More aggressive project management needs can opt between the Plus plan for $49/month (35 projects, 15 GB storage, unlimited users), the Premium plan for $99/month (100 projects, 15 GB storage, unlimited users) and the Max plan at $149 (unlimited projects, 75 GB storage and unlimited users.

The software is created by 37signals, which is also behind Highrise for contact management needs, as well as Backpack and Campfire – both aimed at facilitating communications. I’ve covered other tools that can be used in project management needs, but tools aren’t always sufficient in and of themselves for sole project management needs, especially if you’re managing yourself. Other highly rated project management software includes Cohuman, which functions with MindManager’s Mindjet Connect Action.

Cohuman features automatic notifications, calendars, project portfolio and management options. There’s also task, document, work load and resource management. Cohuman users access a user dashboard, can integrate email, track issues and take advantage of RSS feeds as well as web applications. Cohuman users appreciate the transparency Cohuman offers, as well as the ability to prioritize tasks and keep files centralized for easy access. The software is free to use via GoogleApps with a $19 upgrade option. If you’re looking for even more options, take a look at Intervals.

If you’re an employer, you should consider offering your employees valuable tools that help them with their job. It’s a lot easier and more effective than cracking a whip…plus you’ll have employees that come back the next day.