Email marketing is at the forefront of the many channels available to the online brand marketer in this day and age, so it is imperative that every aspect of this incredibly powerful promotional vector be harnessed for the maximum benefit of the entire company. Although the keys to successful email marketing implementations are virtually countless, there are some basic aspects which should be integrated into every email marketing campaign. It serves every online marketer, whether new to the field or a mature veteran of the email wars, to be familiar with these important factors.

We are firmly in the mobile age

with the advent of smartphones and tablets becoming nearly universal, the number of your subscribers that read your emails on their phones is ever-increasing, reaching a staggering 64% according to TopRankBlog. This amazing statistic translates into the necessity to ensure that your emails are fully optimized for mobiles. Some of the most important techniques to ensure that your email messaging benefits from well integrated readability include:

  • Using shorter subject lines that will show up fully even on smaller screens
  • Applying a single column layout in order to prevent left-right scrolling and benefiting from a smooth flow
  • Opting for responsive design, or at the very least a max width of less than 400 pixels
  • Forgetting that Flash ever existed and committing to HTML5 and CSS based code
  • Integrating small file size images that download fast on slower 3G type of networks
  • Using larger buttons for sausage fingers and bigger fonts which make your content easy to readCAN-SPAM isn’t potted ham, it’s the law of the land

    While all legitimate email marketers realize that they have no option but to obey the CAN-SPAM Act, they may not know that it’s an acronym for “Controlling the Assault of Non Solicited Pornography And Marketing.” This legislation was enacted eleven years ago in 2003 in order to protect the users from the chaos of digital marketing and the merciless barrages of the criminal spammers. When it comes to ethical and legal online marketing, the policies you have to implement are essentially very simple. You either follow the opt-out guidelines set by the CAN-SPAM Act for commercial emails, or face extremely grievous legal consequences. However, opt-out is not the only aspect of the CAN-SPAM Act as there are various other aspects including the prohibition for using misleading subject lines in order to get more users to open your messages… and many others. It’s the law of the land, so familiarize yourself with the Act and obey it to the letter!

    Writing well is its own reward … and then some!

    It is absolutely astounding how many major brands who really should know better allow email content that is rife with spelling and grammatical errors be sent to thousands or even millions of their subscribers. There is no substitute for properly written and clearly worded email content and if your copywriter is incapable of proofing their own text, you are going to be far better off paying for professionally skilled proofreading services than demonstrating to your entire subscription list that your brand is effectively illiterate.

    No email marketer in history has ever tested too much

    Email marketing is far more than the simple process of uploading a contact list and an HTML file up onto a server and then proceeding to send the email to everyone on your list. The steps to creating and implementing a professional and legitimate email marketing campaign are numerous and each and every element can be fine-tuned by following the lead of the major online brands and utilizing testing thoroughly. A/B testing can inform you of how to find the best time to send messages, the most effective layouts, text, microcontent, images, and just about every aspect of your email content to and discover how each change relates to the maximization of those oh so critical open and conversion rates.

These points may be basic but since it is not unusual for even the largest of online brands to ignore some or all of them, your brand should rise above them!