“Another day, another dollar” is a familiar sales expression. As the sales person I am, I want to stretch that dollar as far as possible. This month I would like to take the time to talk about our Benchmark Email Partner Program.

You already know word of mouth is the best way to share and sell a product or service. If my best friend tells me, “Hey, Daniel! I’m using this amazing product that allows me to do these wonderful things with these outstanding features!” nine times out of ten I’m at least going to take a look at this product to see what it’s all about. And if it’s something I am interested in, I can guarantee I will sign up to this service ahead of any other because my best friend recommended it.

What it comes down to is our best friend could be a major role model. Let’s say I see that a renowned company is promoting a business or service; I’m going to trust and believe in this service. Why? Human nature. We listen to and trust the leader. This renowned company didn’t become a role model by lying outright.

Benchmark Email stands for quality and dependable customer service and, believe it or not, your company is a role model for many other companies and/or single users. You have followers and people that will trust services and products you recommend, and it is possible to profit legitimately from that esteem. Take a look at our Partner Program. You might be surprised to see how many people look up to your company as a role model…