I really didn’t want to join Twitter. I was talked into it by my blogging partner at the time. He told me it was necessary to help build our audience on our music blog, Festival Crashers. In fact, I spent most of my first month on Twitter in petty arguments with him (clearly I got the hang of Twitter right away) on subjects that aren’t even clear upon looking back. Since then, It has not only become a communication platform I really enjoy using…it’s my career. Social media makes the phrase “small world” truer on a daily basis. I can gain access to and converse with celebrities, athletes and journalists I read and respect. In honor of this week’s series, I decided to share five of my favorite Twitter success stories.

  1. Candace Parker & Sheldon Williams. I’ll forever remember Candace Parker as the person who beat Lebron James in a dunk competition. Perhaps it’s the reason he refuses to compete in the All Star Game dunk competition to this day. I saw the happy couple dining together at The Lobster in Santa Monica. I sent out a tweet and this happened:

    I asked if being retweeted and responded to by basketball super couples meant I could tell my friends I finally made it in LA. There was no further response. I probably have some more work to do…

  2. Warren Haynes is one of my favorite artists. In fact, Gov’t Mule’s version of “Soul Shine” on The Deep End, Volume 1 is my favorite song…ever. I was watching the live stream of Hangout Fest and meant every word of this tweet, the day before the predicted rapture:

    Here’s the song for your listening pleasure:

  3. MTV wants to hire me. Kanye West joined Twitter and the world was amused. I pitched a show to MTV on Twitter that would just follow Kanye while he tweets. MTV was into it:
  4. Touré retweeted me. He’s the co-host of The Cycle on MSNBC, a columnist for Time.com and a successful author with more than 100,000 Twitter followers. The content of my tweet was fairly silly, but it still got my Ask Andy avatar in front of a lot of new eyes.
  5. Benchmark Email. In all seriousness, the social networking I did for my first blog and my own sites is what landed me here at Benchmark. It gave me the experience in using social networks, as well as representing myself on a professional account. Thankfully, my mix of dad humor and pop culture references has been appreciated here at Benchmark and found its way into my blogs, social updates, and most recently, our Ask Andy videos. Which it turns out…I predicted back when I recorded voiceover for a radio commercial: