I hope all of you have been enjoying our FullCourt WordPress series so far. We’ve had a couple of great WordPress experts weigh in already. Since I use WordPress on several sites, I figured I’d suggest the Benchmark 5: Best WordPress Plugins.

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  1. Akismet: As an email marketing company, we detest spam. Akismet cleans up the mess for you when it comes to comments. I’ve gone and looked through some of the stuff that this plugin blocks. Trust me, your blog is better because of a plugin like this.
  2. Social Slider: You never know at what point throughout your post that a reader may decide they want to share it. With the social slider, the social sharing buttons follow the reader as they scroll down the article. It’s a constant reminder that their friends might love your take on whatever it is that you were writing about…cats, probably.
  3. SEO Friendly Images: There are plenty of really great SEO plugins for WordPress. An often underutilized SEO opportunity is with images. With this simple plugin, you can add the appropriate tags to the images on your blog to get that added traffic from better SEO practices.
  4. WordPress Mobile Edition: I do a lot of my blog reading on my phone. Especially since I’ll often find the stories via Twitter or Facebook on my iPhone. It is important to make sure your post looks great and is easy to read on the smaller screen.
  5. Benchmark Email Lite WordPress Plugin: Time and time again we preach using all of your marketing channels together and in various combinations. With our plugin you can easily integrate your blog and email marketing efforts. You can email a formatted version of your blog to your subscribers, add a signup form, send and test emails and even view reports…all from within WordPress.