This week we interviewed Chip Mosher for an upcoming episode of the Heart of Business podcast. We talked comics and how they are going digital among other things. The final question we asked him, was what super power he would want. You’ll have to listen to find out his answer. For now, enjoy the Benchmark 5: Business Lessons from Superheroes.

  1. Wolverine. Be indestructible! Any business will take their lumps along the way. It’s all about how you bounce back. Also, once in a while it’s ok to show your claws.
  2. Jean Grey. Read minds. Know how your users will react to your marketing campaigns. Pay attention to what they read, share and click on. You won’t actually be reading their minds, but good targeted marketing will make it seem like it.
  3. Batman. Be resourceful. Unlike the other superheroes on this list, Bruce Wayne has no real powers. He was trained and used his means to gain his arsenal of gadgets. Use what you have at your disposal and you’ll see just what you’re capable of.
  4. Captain America. Stand for something. Everyone loves a business that has a cause. What is yours?
  5. Human Torch. Set the world on fire. Well … that’s not exactly what Johnny Storm does, but you get the picture.