Hope all of you enjoyed Super Bowl weekend as much as I did. Perhaps you won your bet on the game, hit your squares or maybe even your team won. Or, it could have been an especially impressive crop of Super Bowl commercials that pushed it over the top for you. Here are my Benchmark 5: Favorite Super Bowl Commercials.

1.M&Ms “I Would Do Anything For Love” with Naya Rivera. I may be the end of the generational cut that knows and enjoys Meatloaf’s most famous tune. However, you know who’s buying M&Ms for the kids that don’t know Meatloaf? Their parents. Plus, I’ve kinda been crushing on Naya Rivera since I saw the video for 2CELLOS’ “Supermassive Black Hole” cover that she is featured on. If it was the Red M&Ms Meatloaf take that did it for you, Naya, you should hear the version I do in my car.

2. Best Buy: Asking Amy. First of all, it’s called Asking Amy. Sound familiar? Great minds think alike (::cough cough Ask Andy cough::). Also, it’s hilarious. I’ll read 50 Shades of Grey to you in a sexy voice, Amy.

3.Paul Rudd and Seth Rogan for Samsung. Two of my favorite comic actors doing what they do best. Making me laugh. Oh…and Bob Odenkirk. All of this is the opposite of #ughhh.

4.Taco Bell: Viva Young. I found out recently that old people swearing made me laugh an inordinate amount. See them cause a ruckus made me chuckle as well. This was the only commercial that got a round of applause from the 700+ person Super Bowl party I was at.

5.Jeep: America is Whole Again. Super Bowl commercials don’t have to make you laugh to succeed. This one does very much the opposite. I’ve always been a sucker for return home videos with the troops. It could be surprise returns with children or loved ones…or even a pet. They get me every time. Plus, being able to tie your brand to patriotic feelings is marketing gold.

Maybe I should have led with the one that pulls at the heart strings and then followed with the LOLs. Quick, go watch the funny ones again before someone sees you crying at your desk! Which commercial was your favorite?