Is five times of something too soon to celebrate a milestone? I don’t know, maybe. Are you really going to deny someone an opportunity to celebrate? I didn’t think so. So far, we’ve seen five episodes of the Heart of Business podcast. Already, we’ve had the opportunity to talk to some incredible people that I never pictured us having on the podcast. Each guest has brought something unique and awesome to the table. My favorites so far were the episodes with Kevin Browning and being called and sent texts from Diamond Dallas Page in preparation for his episode. How many of you have “thanks bro” texts from DDP? Bragging aside, it’s been a great run so far. It’s not too late to catch up. Five episodes. I’m sure you see where this is going. Here’s the Benchmark 5: Heart of Business Episodes … So Far.

  1. TJ & Lindsey Taylor. We kicked things off with some folks we know well. The head of our design department, TJ Taylor, and his wife Lindsey. They’d just departed on a brand new life adventure and we caught up with them and asked what had sparked the leap.

    Listen to: Getting Things Rolling with our Friends at the Rockside Ranch.

  2. Evan Rail. He’s a beer expert. An expert! On beer! Evan shared how he got that title and how a person can become an expert on pretty much any subject.

    Listen to: Bantering with the Beer Expert.

  3. Paul Morse. He was a White House deputy photographer for the George W. Bush administration and walked away from it. Find out how someone can leave one dream job to pursue another.

    Listen to: Photographing a President & Starting Your Own Business.

  4. Kevin Browning. I’ve seen Umphrey’s McGee somewhere between 80-90 times. We talked to the man in charge of keeping me and all the rest of their fans coming back for more.

    Listen to: The Fan Experience with Kevin Browning, Umphrey’s McGee.

  5. Diamond Dallas Page. This was a super fun one. You don’t usually think yoga when you think professional wrestler. Find out how one led to the other.

    Listen to: DDP Wrestling with a New Yoga Business.