Benchmark has not stopped growing since I started here four years ago. I am excited that it finally time to contribute to the growing number of employees that has naturally coincided with our growth. Today was our first day of interviews for a blogging and social media position. Soon, there will be a new personality in those spaces for you to get to know. It’s about time. Everybody around here is sick of me (probably). So, if you want a job at Benchmark or anywhere else, pay attention to the Benchmark 5: Interview Tips.

  • Show up! My first interview of the day didn’t even both to come in for his interview. No call, email or anything else. Resume meet trash can.
  • Make eye contact. My second interview (or first … I suppose) never once looked me in the eye. He stared off to the side during our entire interview. We work as a team often here at Benchmark HQ. You need to be comfortable conversing with others. Plus, it’s a social media job. Show some personality.
  • Do some research. The job posting specifically lists that this is a blogging and social media position. Wouldn’t you think that maybe a dedicated candidate would want to read a few posts? Yeah … me too.
  • Try not to reschedule. One candidate had a family emergency and couldn’t make it in. Those things happen and the applicant at least contacted us to reschedule. However, you risk us finding a new hire we like even before we get a chance to talk to you. Timing is everything sometimes.
  • Have some questions ready. I want to know that you’re genuinely interested in the position. Ask me about the position. See if there’s room for growth. Really, anything that will show you’ve put some thought into what can be with this job.