One of my coworkers suggested I check out Once Upon a Time. We often discuss TV shows, and she thought it would be one that I enjoyed. Well…I liked it enough to watch every single episode that has aired to-date in under one week (I may have a problem). The show is pretty heavy on the cheese, but I enjoy the way they pull from so many different fairy tales. I keep watching to see how they’ll weave the next one into the story. Help me justify my TV binge, with this week’s Benchmark 5: Lessons from Once Upon a Time.


  1. Good always wins. The easy way is not always the right way. However, it is imperative to always follow best practices. Be good. Falling victim to “evil” business practices will always catch up with you.
  2. Magic comes with a price. You can’t just wish things into existence. Hard work and dedication and doing things the right way is always the best option. There is a price to pay when you cut corners to get things done.
  3. Anything can be fixed with true love’s kiss. OK OK…this one may be a bit of a stretch. Play along for a second. You will face obstacles, no matter what business you are in. What will keep you afloat, is the admiration of your customers for your products, services, customer support, etc. Find the thing you do or have that your customers can fall in love with, and they will be your support through any struggles you may face.
  4. The devil is in the detail. Each character on the show crosses Rumpelstiltskin at some point and bargains with him for what it is they need. It never works out exactly as they thought, because of different interpretations of the deal. It’s in those details, that they are tricked. Pay attention to the small things. It’s often what will trip you up.
  5. It’s never too late to change. There are characters on the show that have strayed from the path of good. Some are villains, others have gotten a little lost. The main character, Emma Swan, hasn’t lived the most ideal life, but she comes back to Storybrooke (the laziest writer’s decision ever) to be their savior. You may not be following these, or any other of the lessons we offer you here in this space. That doesn’t mean you can’t change your ways and do the right thing moving forward.