There has been a lot of talk and controversy regarding this year’s Oscars and the host, Seth MacFarlane. Reactions seem to be all or nothing for the Family Guy creator. With MacFarlane already saying he wouldn’t do it again, it’s time to look to a new host for next year. I present to you the Benchmark 5: People I’d like to see host the Oscars in 2014. I’ll present an argument for each, which points to finding the right qualifications for any given job and why different people with unique talents could all be great for a role.

  1. Neil Patrick Harris: He has hosting experience, having helmed the Tonys more than once. He’s also on one of the most popular running sitcoms on television. While his film career is lacking (aside from the Harold & Kumar franchise), he would no doubt shine on Oscar night.
  2. Joel McHale: He hasn’t had many movie roles to date, but has extensive hosting experience with The Soup. That also means he has a team of writer’s that know him, and his delivery, which should also bode well for a hosting gig at the Oscars.
  3. Justin Timberlake: I’ve long argued that JT should join the cast of Saturday Night Live for at least one season. He crushes it every time he hosts, or even just stops by for a sketch. He’s got the comedic chops. Plus, pretty much everyone seems to like him. Old, young, male and female.
  4. Eddie Murphy: I’m still bitter we never got to see this become a reality. The actor recently made his grand return to stand up comedy and I would have loved to see him host the Oscars. He also understands being friendly for all ages. He’s been doing kids movies for the last decade plus.
  5. Jimmy Kimmel: His star continues to rise…except for the one they recently put on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. That one isn’t going anywhere…unless there’s an earthquake. Anyone who has ever seen his show, or the countless viral videos it has produced, knows that he has just about the biggest rolodex in the industry. He could call in all sorts of favors for a hilarious intro and various video bits throughout the night. Plus his recent promotion in time slot means suggests he’s doing something right.