Marketing around special occasions can be highly effective. You get to cash in on the attention already around the event, plus any emotions surrounding it. Today marks the beginning of the NFL season. I’ve received emails about picking up new fan merchandise and tons of fantasy football trash talk from friends. Here’s the Benchmark 5: reasons I’m excited football starts today. It will serve to show you the different angles you may want to take surrounding event marketing.

  1. The only time it’s socially acceptable for grown men to wear jerseys. It’s just not something we’re allowed to do without being labeled a man-child. However, anything flies on game day. Sometimes the more obscure the jersey, the better.
  2. Always something to do on Sundays. I don’t have to worry about making plans or making excuses for not going to the gym. There’s football to watch! What else would I be doing?
  3. Fantasy Football. This could honestly be reasons 1-5. I love the trash talking and subsequent staying-in-touch with friends that fantasy football brings every season. Our league is highly competitive and guys will stop at nothing to get the edge.
  4. Daaaaa Bears. My favorite team in my favorite sport. I’m a diehard sports fan in general, but the Bears take the cake. I was barely alive the last time the Bears won the Super Bowl. I’ve lived through six Bulls championships and one Blackhawks Stanley Cup since then. It’s time for my Bears to get it done.
  5. Tailgating with my dad. I used to tailgate with my dad before every single Bears home game, before I moved halfway across the country. Now, I really only get to do it once every other year (that’s when the Bears have a home game around Thanksgiving). It is the single biggest thing I miss about Chicago. This year, we’re skipping some of my cousin’s post-wedding festivities to tailgate for the Bears-Vikings game. I cannot wait.