Spoiler alert: I’m about to gush about my job in this post. It’s not just to rave about how great we are. Every workplace has a culture around the office. By telling you what I like about my own, you may be able to try some things out at your place of business. That’s why I decided to write the Benchmark 5: Reasons I love working at Benchmark.

  1. The people. The office culture we have here at Benchmark never ceases to amaze me. It starts and the top and moves down. The people that get hired here at Benchmark always seem to fit just right. So many smart, creative and caring people that all managed to find a home here at Benchmark … and everyone plays nice.
  2. The conversations. There are so many times where I’ll go grab a drink from our kitchen and wind up in a five minute conversation about a TV show, weekend plans or some other current event. It’s always a nice break from the day and gets me back to my desk ready to work. It makes for a friendlier workplace and helps break up the mundane parts of the day.
  3. The opportunities. I was invited to speak for a Chamber of Commerce on social media. I’ve done guest blogs, been quoted in articles and so much more. Working for Benchmark has put me in front of so many people and given me so many opportunities to help others learn and improve their businesses.
  4. The places you’ll go. A few months back, I got to go to New York with two coworkers for a trade show. Neither of them had ever been to New York. It was great to see them experience Times Square for the first time. Last week I was in San Diego for Email World. It hardly feels like work when you get to branch out and network with new people in different places.
  5. My cartoon. It’s been about a year and a half since we debuted Ask Andy. It still amuses me every time I see it. That it exists alone is incredible to me. That some of the videos have tens of thousands of plays blows my mind. As a fan of School House Rock and the Magic School Bus, I’m honored to be a part of the fraternity of cartoons that teach people.