Today, we ran a post from Hal on the importance of interacting with your customers at events. Well, today the Benchmark team will be at one of those events, myself included. I’ve been looking forward to it all week. Make sure you stop by. Here are the Benchmark 5: Reasons to Come Say Hi at the LA’s Largest Mixer.


  1. Our smiles. Seriously. They’re pretty great (if we say so ourselves). We’re happy to chat with each any every person that stops by our booth.
  2. 40:1. On July 25th we’re hosting a Live Google Hangout to tell you all about the incredible ROI that can be achieved with email marketing. Both hosts will be manning the booth. Get a sneak peak or find out why you should attend.
  3. Find out all about Benchmark Email & Events. It’s just another opportunity to ask any possible question you may have about our tools. We’ll have a slew of Benchmark team members on hand.
  4. Ask Andy merch. You want an Ask Andy mouse pad? Here’s your shot. There may even be memo pads, but we cannot confirm that rumor.
  5. Food suggestions. I always walk around a bunch to socialize with other booths. It’s part of my job … and also because I love sampling all the various restaurants. Come by our booth and ask me which are the best.