Greetings Benchmark readers! Team Benchmark has landed in Boston. We’re here for the Small Business Expo. So far we got a brief tour from our cab driver on the way into the city, had a beer and watched the Red Sox at America’s oldest sports bar and haven’t seen Matt Damon or Ben Affleck once. They may be elusive, but we won’t be. Come see us at our booth at the Small Business Expo. Need more convincing? Here’s the Benchmark 5: Reasons to Come See Us at the Boston Small Business Expo.

  1. Our smiling faces. Seriously … they’re some good smiles. I even rock a dimple. Don’t miss out.
  2. The information. Some pick our brains! We can offer some help and advice on things you can be doing for your business with our email marketing and event management tools.
  3. Free stuff. We’ve moved past the Ask Andy mouse pads. We’ve added memo pads, tote bags and stress balls to the mix.
  4. It’s an awesome event. This will be our third Small Business Expo. Los Angeles and New York were a blast. We’ve met great people, other awesome businesses and even made some friends along the way.
  5. The Red Sox aren’t playing. The Patriots don’t play, the Bruins season is still early and the Celtics are still in preseason. What else do you have to do?