We’re excited to be attending yet another Small Business Expo. This one, especially, since it’s our hometown show. So, if you’re in LA, or anywhere else close enough (within reason) in Southern California, come see us. We’re looking forward to seeing all of you. Our enthusiasm not enough to bring you out? Fine. Here’s the Benchmark 5: Reasons to Come Stop By the Benchmark Booth at the LA Small Business Expo.

  • We were the talk of the town in Boston. It totally wasn’t the Red Sox, on the verge of clinching the American League Championship Series on the way to winning the World Series. Nope. It was totally us.
  • We know what we’re talking about. It’s an opportunity to pick our brain. Ask your email marketing, event management and any other online marketing questions while you have us there.
  • Swag. We’ve got it all. Stress ball. Tote bags. Memo pads. Mouse pads.
  • Hablamos Español. Daniel, Jose and Eduardo will all be manning the booth along with me. Come say, hola!
  • It’s better than work. Would you rather be sitting at your desk all day?