It’s October. That means Halloween is coming up and Thanksgiving and the rest of the holidays are right around the corner. It also means that the Email Marketing in 2014 posts can’t be far off either. You may have noticed in our recent monthly newsletter, but we’re a fan of using animation to spruce up your emails. There’s good news, too. You don’t have to wait until 2014. We just released a few new animated templates for Halloween. With that in mind, here’s the Benchmark 5: Reasons You Should be Using Animated Emails.

  1. Grabs attention! How many emails in your inbox have moving images in them? Few to none, probably. It will stand out, and that’s really one of your biggest goals in email marketing.
  2. They’re fun. I don’t think it’s just the email nerds in us that thinks that. Ok … maybe it’s the email nerds in us. Moving emails! It is fun.
  3. Everyone loves GIFs. Have you seen Buzzfeed lately? GIF city. Tumblr too. Why can’t email hang around with the other cool kids on the Internet? We’ll let these last two points speak for themselves…
  4. This template:
  5. And this template: