I had family in town this past weekend. It really was a great time. I relish the chances I have to spend with them, since I live halfway across the country from the majority of my family. I also really enjoy being with them, now that I’m (mostly) a grownup. It’s a different dynamic, for sure, but one that I genuinely appreciate. It got me thinking and the result is this week’s Benchmark 5: The Best Parts of (Your Business) Growing Up.

  1. Being seen as an adult by your family. Granted, much of what I do for a living is a mystery to my family. Social media just wasn’t around when they were growing up. They’re still proud of themselves for figuring out computers. However, they love hearing about it and I enjoy seeing how proud they are of my accomplishments. Your business will reach a point where it is accepted and maybe even revered by the industry. Enjoy it when you get there, as it’s not often easy.
  2. Getting to drive, vote, gamble. As you get older, there are certain rites of passage. The same will apply to your business. As your business grows, you will have opportunities to do more and more. Take off the training wheels, show everyone what you can do and even earn the right to take a risk or two.
  3. Eating cookies for breakfast. Once you reach a certain point, you can dictate your own terms.
  4. Imparting your wisdom. After you’ve been there and done that for a while, people will look to you for knowledge. It could be choosing to follow you on social networks, asking you to blog for their sites or even speak at conferences and other events.
  5. Giving back to those that helped get you there. This past weekend with my family, it was being able to afford a round or two of drinks. In business, it could be rewarding your customers that have been with you from the start.