All week long we’ve been running an iTunes gift card giveaway with daily infographic tips. If you haven’t participated yet, don’t miss your chance. I picked Pinterest to hold this contest, because we’ve been having such a good time with our infographics board. For this week’s Benchmark 5, I’m going to share my favorite infographics that I’ve come across so far.

  1. Facebook IPO Particulars. The content is only half of the fun with infographics. Design is the other part. I like this one especially, because they made it look like the Facebook timeline. So meta, so fun!
  2. 37 Years of Saturday Night Live. On Fridays (and pretty much whenever I come across them) I like to share infographics that aren’t necessarily on subjects that would be considered in the Benchmark Email space. SNL has had its off years, but this past season was strong and I’ll always be a fan. Here’s a look at the show’s entire cast history. I’ve also had fun with infographics on the Back to the Future Timeline and All the Ways They’ve Killed Kenny, among others.
  3. 15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Like Silly. I went to journalism school, and some of these were even new to me. To be fair, I’m no stranger to being made look silly, regardless of grammar. This one is both fun and informative, so it makes the list.
  4. The Psychology of Color. This one was super popular when I blogged about it a couple months ago. Picking your colors is something you need to do for your designs in your email, website, place of business and so much more. Knowing how people will react to them is key. You don’t need design experience to read this infographic, and apply it to your own company.
  5. A Day in the Internet. I love this one. In part, because it shows how small my marketing efforts are, in compared to the scope of the Internet. It motivates me to get bigger, take up more of the space. When I pinned it, I wrote that I wished “A Day in the Life” played when you open it. I still do.