In jazz 10 musicians may read the same notes, but communicate them to the audience in 10 different ways. Emotion, interpretation and improvisation make the end result unique. In email marketing, everyone is more or less sticking to the same script. Sure, it’s different businesses sending and the the results may vary, but the concepts and ideas behind it are mostly similar. I tell stories and find teachable moments whenever possible here on the Benchmark Blog.

Yesterday, Dave Brubeck passed away. He is most famous for the song “Take Five.” As today is the day I write the Benchmark 5, a pairing seemed fitting. Let these five covers of “Take Five” be your guide. See how one thing can be the same and different, and remember it the next time you create an email campaign. You can take one person’s successful ideas, and make them apply for you and have them be uniquely your own. Here are the Benchmark 5: Top Five Versions of “Take Five.”

Dave Brubeck Quartet

Al Jarreau

Rodrigo y Gabriela

Stevie Wonder

String Cheese Incident