Tis the season, y’all. Fantasy football season, that is. I could not be more excited. I’ve already had one draft and have one more next week. I cannot wait for the season, and trash talking, to begin. Since it’s all I’ve got on the mind, here’s this week’s Benchmark 5: Things Fantasy Football can teach you about your email marketing.

  1. Preparation. I read and read and then read some more, to get ready for my fantasy football draft. There’s an endless amount of information out there. Whether it’s late round sleeper picks, or the latest email marketing techniques, you can never be too prepared.
  2. There’s no one right way. Matthew Berry gets paid year-round to be a fantasy expert. That’s his job! You could follow all of his advice, and still not win your league. It’s about following the best practices and trial and error. As long as you’re monitoring it closely, you should be able to guide your campaigns to success.
  3. Eventually something will go wrong. I drafted Calvin Johnson this year in my league. He’s also on the cover of Madden. This basically guarantees he’ll be hurt this season. You can check and double check your email campaigns. Nothing will go as planned 100% of the time. It’s how you’re able to deal with it that your subscribers will care about.
  4. If people talked about email marketing as much as dudes talk about fantasy football…at the very least my parents would probably have an easier time telling their friends what their son does for a living.
  5. Play your match ups. You don’t want to start your running backs versus the best defenses, if you don’t have to. With email, there are several mitigating factors you go up against.. What time of day you send, to which segments and targeted campaigns all need to go out to the right parties.