I’m still sad I won’t be attending Coachella this year. I spent most of last weekend watching the live stream, or as I refer to it, Couchella. It was mostly pure enjoyment, but also a dash of torture, knowing I wouldn’t be able to be there in person this year. Well, y’all know how I do. A weekend spent on the couch is not for naught. Enter the Benchmark 5: Things the Coachella Live Stream Teaches us About Marketing.


  1. Reach the biggest audience possible. Coachella realized that they didn’t have to limit their audience exposure to just those in attendance at the festival. Think big picture, and realize there’s probably always another way to reach a bigger audience.
  2. Be all-inclusive. Adding onto my previous point, with the option of live streaming Coachella didn’t just say “buy a ticket or else.” They found a way to let anybody who wanted to see some of the artists to do so. Find a way to make everyone feel like they’re welcome.
  3. Let your product speak for itself. Read all the reviews about how gorgeous of a festival Coachella is, but why not see for yourself? Sure, Coachella wants everyone to pay their insanely high ticket prices to attend the festival. The best possible advertisement is letting everyone see the palm trees and mountains that make up the backdrops of each stage. You’ll want to be there in person after seeing it.
  4. Make use of all technology available to you. Not only were they using YouTube to live stream the festival, but there was also an option to join in on the conversation via social media, right there on the YouTube page. That means you’re expanding your reach past YouTube and moving in on the viewer’s other social channels.
  5. Something for everyone. There were three channels worth of sets streaming on the Coachella YouTube channel. That means you weren’t limited to just one band at a time. You could almost always find at least one artist you wanted to watch, sometimes two or three!