All week we’ve featured posts on Big Marketing on a Modest Budget. It happens to be a subject I know well. In fact, my ability to do so is what lead me here to Benchmark. After graduating, a friend and I created a blog and had to learn all of this in order for us to get off the ground. It’s also without a doubt what got me this job. That’s why this week I’m presenting to you the Benchmark 5: Things to Build Your Brand at No Cost.

  1. Personalize your content. I have been a blogger for more than four years at this point. Long enough that my parents and grandmothers have even almost figured out what a blog is. From the start, I’ve gone with a gonzo-style of journalism. It brings me into my writing, rather than talking at people. It involves the reader and invests them in you. It is also a great way to brand you and your business.
  2. Become a resource. I didn’t know much about email marketing when I started at Benchmark Email. Reading on a daily basis caught me up to speed quickly. I share the best of what I find on our Twitter account all day long. Now I blog, make videos and attend events to help others improve their own email marketing efforts. Once you’ve established yourself as a resource, you gain trust. Trust in you and your brand is imperative to grow.
  3. Photos. Just about everyone has a camera on their phone nowadays. We took some great, fun shots at the Largest Mixer event we attended a couple weeks ago and got great action on them on our Facebook page. Snap some shots of your office, coworkers or your products. Anything that will help your customers familiarize themselves with you and your brand.
  4. Get by with a little help from your friends. Networking is key in any business. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Perhaps it’s a partnership that can benefit both your companies, or maybe it’s a guest blogging opportunity. Whatever it is, find a way to get your brand in front of new faces. You can’t build your brand without finding new ways to get it out there.
  5. Play to your strengths. Some people find me amusing. I am a pop culture fiend and TV and movie fanatic. I take what I know and what I’m good at and put it into everything I do here at Benchmark. It eventually culminated in our Ask Andy video series. If people get to know you, your voice, your humor or other quirks (and like them), you’ve got what it takes to build your brand. It’s all pieces to add to your story and makes your company one that its customers want to help to a happily ever after.

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