Before I got my iPad, I was conflicted as to whether or not I truly needed one. Sure, I wanted one. I love new toys. I just couldn’t decide if I needed one enough to justify the purchase. Lucky for y’all, we’ve given you a chance to win a new iPad this week. Be sure to enter the tweet-a-tip contest with your best marketing, email, social, branding or similar tips using #BenchmarkTips for your chance to win. For this week’s Benchmark 5, I’m letting you know the five reasons I’m glad I got my iPad.

  1. Fantasy sports. Don’t let my second to last place finish in football fool you. My team still was 4th overall in points. Teams just happened to have their best weeks against me (yes…I’m still very bitter). I still managed to win it all in my fantasy hockey league and I was in the championship game for basketball as well. Having that device at your fingertips on game day can really make or break you. Starter go down with injury? Grab his backup before your opponents!
  2. Social Media. The Facebook app itself might be better than their actual website. Some things even work better on the Twitter app than on their site. I don’t love typing on the iPhone (it’s much more a toy than communication device for me), so I’m more active in my social networking efforts thanks to the ease of typing on my iPad.
  3. YouTube. This can probably be lumped into the previous category, but it deserves its own. How many times have you been sitting around with your friends and you couldn’t believe someone hadn’t seen the latest and greatest YouTube video? It can’t be just me. Well, you can hand them the iPad immediately and keep them from ever feeling left out again.
  4. Travel. I hate flying. It’s not that it scares me. I just dislike being forced to sit in one place for so long. Being able to watch a movie or two or play some games keeps me happy. Plus, it’s a lot lighter than carrying around a clunkier laptop.
  5. Games. I get bored easily. See aforementioned sitting still comment for explanation as to why. I’m forced to sit through commercials, when I’m watching sports on TV. That’s generally the only time I watch live TV these days. How do I keep from pulling my hair out? That’s easy. I check in on my games on Words with Friends and DrawSomething. Side note: raise your hand if you’re guilty of trying to fast forward live TV because you’re so used to watching content from your DVR.