All of you have had a chance to get to know me a little bit over the past few years, if you have paid any attention to our blog, YouTube or other social networking channels. I imagine that it has been enjoyed (or at least tolerated), as I haven’t been chased to the city limits by the angry masses with pitchforks…yet. Now we’re going give you all a look into the rest of the Benchmark team. For everyone here at Benchmark, I’m hosting Andy Asks You to “Zoom in on Gratitude: A 5 Day Photo Challenge.”

For each of the 5 work days our employees will post a photo for that day’s given topic. I’ll be posting the winners each day on Facebook. We’d love for all of you to join in as well. You can post your photos on our Facebook page or just tell us what it would be in the comments section. Without further adieu, the Benchmark 5: Things We’re Thankful for This Thanksgiving.

  1. Day 1: Thursday, Nov. 15th – Inspiring person. This is someone who makes you strive to be a better person. This might be a teacher, coworker or even that complete stranger at the gym that always seems to be working harder than everyone else. I look forward to seeing who drives my coworkers to be the best that they can be.
  2. Day 2: Friday, Nov. 16th – Clothing. Everyone has that one outfit that makes them feel like a million bucks. Or at least a lucky pair of undies (preferably clean). I’m going to seem like a jerk for that last comment, when you post a picture of the helmet that saved your life in a crash.
  3. Day 3: Monday, Nov. 19th – Favorite Food. It could be that one signature dish that your grandmother used to (or hopefully still does) make for you. Maybe it’s the 5 Hour Energy that powers you through the last part of your work day. Or perhaps it’s the final meal you always said you would have if you were on death row.
  4. Day 4: Tuesday, Nov. 20th – Technology. Perhaps it’s your fleet of Apple products that helps you both be productive and pass the time. Maybe it’s your XBOX. Or on a more sentimental note, it could be the cell phone that you call your parents on every week…since you live halfway across the country from them.
  5. Day 5: Wednesday, Nov. 21st – Family member. If your family member was your inspirational person, post a different family member here. Just don’t tell this family member that someone else in your family was more inspirational. It could be a child, parent or that sibling asleep on your couch that you have to be cautious not to wake when you leave for work in the morning. What do you mean that’s just me?!