The NFL starts tonight. I look forward to that day, more than I do almost any other. My brain can barely process anything but football right now. I’ve had three fantasy football drafts in the past week, plus one that I did for a friend. I am in it to win it. As I so often do when my mind wanders to topics outside of work, I found a way to bring it back. I give you the Benchmark 5: Things You Can Learn About Business From Your Fantasy Football Draft.


  1. Know your competition. In most leagues, you know all the guys or gals you will be facing. Many times you’ve been in that league for more than a few years. You probably know the people that must have two of the best running backs or prefer to go QB early in the draft. If you consider that, you know who you need to target and when. Knowing what you’re up against in your market will always give you the leg up.
  2. Do your research. Most people know all the best players. The household names. The problem is, sometimes you can’t rely on those guys any more. Maybe they’ve aged, or perhaps their supporting cast isn’t what it once was. Having the most up-to-date information makes sure you don’t get caught in a bad situation.
  3. Action/Reaction. Sometimes, it’s best to be the first to take a certain position. That could mean QB, TE or Defense. That guarantees you the best person at that position. Also, it will sometimes trigger a run at that position, as others panic about not getting a top-tiered player at that position. Know the advantages and disadvantages to being the first to do something and how the rest of your market may react.
  4. Sleepers. There are always guys that you can draft in the late rounds that nobody thinks will do much in the upcoming season. If you hit on them, it could be the thing that drives you to a championship. Sometimes, going with the unorthodox method is what will spell success for your business.
  5. Have fun. Some people in my league get so stressed over their draft that they lose sleep. They do so many mock drafts that they have scenarios spinning in their head. They forget it’s a game. Business is business, but you should still enjoy what you’re doing.