I generally write the Benchmark 5 on Wednesday. However, we didn’t work on Wednesday this week. Thanks, Independence Day! So…this morning I started thinking about what I might have written, had I worked yesterday and written a Benchmark 5. Without further adieu, the five Benchmark 5s that could have been…if July 4th was just a regular old Wednesday.

  1. The Top 5 Technologies No One Ever Used. This excludes the four people that ever used laser disks.
  2. 5 Business Tips with a 100% Success Rate. Because our country just had to gain its independence all those years ago, you’ll have to stick to getting this kind of advice from late night infomercials. Sorry.
  3. The Top 5 Reasons the Lazy River Is Man’s Greatest Invention. A sunburn I once received thanks to an extended nap on the Lazy River may disagree, but is anyone really going to argue with me? It combines lounging in a pool with a constant change of scenery. Brilliant!
  4. The Top 5 Benchmark 5s. Is it too early for a highlight real? Everyone falls back on a clip show once in a while…
  5. The Top 5 Great Michael Jordan Plays of All Time. Does this really need an explanation? I’d take any and all excuses to watch Michael Jordan highlights on YouTube for a bit. Plus, it’d be a good opportunity to put Lakers fans in their place on the heels of their Steve Nash acquisition.