A new video called Ask Andy will be hitting the Internet soon. I’m very excited about it. Besides the fact that the video is great, it features a cartoon version of me. I’ve been telling anyone around Benchmark Email HQ who will listen that I won’t stop until there is an Ask Andy action figure. I figured I’ll help the designers out a bit and let them know what accessories to include. Since it’s Benchmark FTW (Favorite Tech Week), today’s Benchmark 5 features the 5 pieces of tech I can’t get by without.

  1. iPhone: If I’m being honest, my old Blackberry was a far better work-related phone and overall communication tool than my iPhone. My iPhone is a way better toy and I genuinely like it better. Social media is a 24/7 gig, and having a smartphone in hand at all times lets me accomplish that.
  2. MacBook Pro: Blogging isn’t necessarily a desk job. It’s a from the couch, still in bed, in the coffee shop or anywhere else job. Having a trusty laptop is essential. I went with the higher-end Mac here, because I dabble in photography and graphic design. The Pro lets me move through it all fast and seamlessly. Using a PC seems foreign to me at this point. I’m an Apple guy for life.
  3. iPad: This is the natural third option in this progression. At the very least, it’s a reprieve for my iPhone battery. It also fixes some of the things I don’t like about typing on the iPhone. It helps commercials go by faster on TV and improves my fantasy sports skills, but I also get plenty of work done. With a keyboard case, I can do all my blogging on there as well.
  4. Bluetooth: My mouse and keyboard are both Bluetooth. I need the flexibility to freely move them about, as I find it impossible to sit still. Not having to worry about being limited by short chords and/or getting tangled is a huge plus. Comfort is essential for me. My Bluetooth earpiece for my phone is also hugely important. I have a 30 minute commute to and from work, plus there’s a ton of driving that goes with living in LA. Having that ear piece helps me pass the time while I’m in the car and stay in touch with friends and family back in Chicago.
  5. Skype: Like I just mentioned, almost my entire family is back in Chicago. I have friends scattered across the globe. A quick video chat on Skype makes it feel like I’m in the same room as them. I’ve Skyped into family gatherings and caught up with friends over a beer…virtually. Plus, we use it for work all the time. Benchmark Email is a worldwide company. We use Skype in our meetings daily.

Benchmark FTW

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