The focus is on video this week here at the Benchmark Blog with Reel Marketing. All our guest vloggers have contributed great tips to help you all with your video blogging efforts. I figured I’d take that as an excuse to watch a bunch of YouTube videos and figure out how to apply that to this week’s theme. Well, I present to you the Benchmark 5: Things Viral Videos Teach Us About What Makes A Video Popular.

  1. USA Olympic Swimming Team Sings “Call Me Maybe.” There are actually many viral spinoffs of Carly Rae Jepson’s 2012 song of the summer. My favorite is actually the Chatroulette Remix. This one has a better business lesson. It does a few things right. One, they capitalized on a trend. Two, it humanizes the seemingly superhuman USA Olympics swimming team. Both good lessons to apply to your videos.
  2. Jorge & Alexa Narvaez Cover “Home.” Cute wins. Almost always. You may feel cheesy, but the majority of the population will eat it up. They too took an immensely popular song that was on commercials and everyone’s iPods and did an adorable acoustic cover. So, same rule as the above video…add the cute twist and also show something familiar in a way people haven’t seen it before.
  3. Grape Lady Falls! It’s always funny when someone takes a spill…when it’s not happening to you (same applies to a shot to the groin). It may be the growing up watching America’s Funniest Home Videos in me, but that stuff slays me. I can’t be the only one, right? Know what your audience wants to see and deliver (karma will almost certainly guarantee I wind up a viral hit for a personal injury for saying this).
  4. David After Dentist. Just about everyone has an “I love you guys” drunk friend. What we don’t see as often, is a loopy child. Add that to our earlier lessons about cuteness and adding a new twist to something familiar, and you’ve got yourself a viral hit. However, remember this is about the ideas behind a video. Behaving this way is probably not the way to paint yourself or your business in the best light. Do this, but also do the opposite of this.
  5. Arrested Drunk Guy Sings “Bohemian Rhapsody!” File this one under “that can’t possibly be real.” Some things are too good to be true…and then they are. If you can accomplish that in your videos, you’re going to have yourself a winner. Once again, we don’t suggest getting drunk and/or arrested…but we will probably laugh at the video of it if you do.