I hope that all of you have enjoyed the latest Ask Andy video. Since our attention spans are ever shortening, we try to keep the videos short. Doing so, I am not always able to fully explain the points I am trying to make. The videos cover the broader topics, but I’d like to delve deeper into it. I’m going to flush the points in the video out more for this week’s Benchmark 5: Ways to Increase Interaction on Social Media.

  1. Compliment. If you enjoyed an article, infographic or photo in your news feed, let the person know. Thank them for sharing it and tell them what you enjoyed about it. It will make them feel validated and appreciated. Hopefully, it will also make them want to return the favor.
  2. Add value. Saying thank you is nice and all, but sometimes it’s important to take it beyond simple pleasantries. Do you have experience to lend to the matter at hand? Suggest something that an article may not have touched on. Or emphasize specific tips they used that have worked for you in the past. It will not only show your followers that you’re paying attention, but that it is worth following you as well.
  3. Hashtags. You can use hashtags and specific search phrases to monitor conversations that are already going on. Hashtags exist so you can more easily track the thread of a conversation. See who’s saying what, and where you fit in. Participate, and you’re sure to make some new acquaintances.
  4. Polls/surveys. Sometimes you have to be the one that starts the conversation. Ask questions. Or do it in a more formal manner with polls and surveys. Not only is it prompting people to engage with you, it can provide you and your business with invaluable feedback.
  5. Bribe your followers. It’s important to provide value to your followers. Some do it with information and education. Others can be entertaining or funny. Sometimes most effective, however, is a big old prize. You can engage followers that haven’t yet interacted with you and likely attract a whole slew of new ones.

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