Next week, Daniel Miller and myself will be representing Benchmark at Email World 2013. We are excited to be there. However, imagine my disappointment when I learned that unlike Disney World, Email World 2013 probably wouldn’t have any rides. Instead, Daniel will be delivering the thrills via two awesome presentations. I’ll be providing full social media coverage of the event, so even if you can’t attend you can follow along.

Daniel will be joining presenters from esteemed marketing companies as well as a few other ESPs. We’re honored to be included among so many great marketers. I look forward to learning from so many esteemed marketers and to share that knowledge with all of you.

Wednesday brings Daniel to the podium twice. At 12:15PM, he will be dishing on “The Dirty Side of Email Marketing.” There, you will learn all the major mistakes to avoid while creating your emails. Discover the dangers of purchased lists, how to build opt-in lists, best practices and more.

Later in the afternoon, Daniel will return to the podium to deliver his “40:1 Email Marketing” presentation. Email marketing, when done right, can give you a big bang for your buck. Find out how you can turn $1 into $40 with the help of email marketing. It’s ROI that says, “we’re gonna need a bigger boat office!”

For more information, check out the Email World 2013 site.

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