Legend says that back in ancient times, human beings used to hunt and gather other human’s contact information and record them down on raw materials such as a pen and a paper. The writing tools later evolved onto multiple pieces of paper connected together to make a type of scroll called an address book. In other parts of the world, tribes would snap a paper onto a thick piece of wood with a metal clasp, called a clipboard.

These practices continued on throughout history as tribes began to become interwoven into each other’s cultures, and most importantly, their businesses and commerce. Maintaining contact information was vital to providing and maintaining a good relationship, which will then boost sales and branding for each party. Furthermore, contact information can also be spread through the network of businesses so one can gain even more business partners.

Now, in this modern day and age, contact information is gathered primarily through electronics. This vastly improved the speed and quantity of gathering phone numbers, email addresses, social media profiles, etc. that business owners can collect from potential customers.

What also makes this method astronomically greater is that when using any electronic device, be it a mobile phone, desktop or android tablet, all the information is automatically saved onto the software and then can be stored safely until it is assessed again through log in and password.

(There had many accounts throughout history where many companies were sabotaged by competitors because of easy access of sensitive information on physical paper!)

A sign-up app like this has been proven time after time to improve businesses’ efficiency in creating a solid customer base. First off, the customers have the choice to sign up or not, since they will be the ones entering their information. This means that they are serious customers inquiring about your services; everything you create and send to them will mostly likely turn into a sales lead. You don’t waste time or money trying to attract those that are simply not interested.

Secondly, a contact forms are easy plugins that can be added onto any webpage: main business site, WordPress blog, forums, etc. Any page you want to expand your business on can be boosted with a simple contact form to get people signing up!

We can appreciate our ancestors’ use of ancient pens and papers for their own business, but let’s take advantage of our modern technology and invest in a sign-up app for ours!

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