The customer support team at Benchmark Email really loves turkey. We’ve been trying to introduce other foods into their diet since last Thanksgiving. They refuse to eat anything else. Despite our best efforts, it has become impossible to keep them at their desks come Thanksgiving time. As such, we will be operating on holiday hours the week of Thanksgiving.

Don’t worry. We’re not leaving you hanging. Chat and email support will continue to be available 24 hours per day Monday through Wednesday (you can still type with a mouthful of turkey). Telephone support will be available 6:00am-5:00pm PST Monday through Wednesday. There will be no phone support at all Thursday or Friday (peak Turkey eating times). On Saturday, the 26th, chat and email support will be available from 6:00am-12:00pm PST. No phone support will be available on that day (still primo leftovers to nosh). Regular, 24-hour chat and email support will resume at 3:30pm PST on Sunday.

Be sure to plan your email campaigns accordingly. All of us at Benchmark Email wish you a happy Thanksgiving (and turkey eating)!