After 15 years of successful data transfer based on Safe Harbor Principles, the European courts recently rendered it illegal. Safe Harbor was one of the approaches U.S companies adopted to successfully address the concerns of data security for European citizens. A deadline has been set for the end of January for EU and US authorities to come up with an alternative, which we believe they will accomplish.

Meanwhile, we would like to assure you that Benchmark Email strictly complies with the Safe Harbor Principles as stated in our privacy policy. As the European courts have ruled the Safe Harbor agreement is no longer valid, we may update this page.

We will continue to adhere to these principles, so if you are already with Benchmark your data and that of your customers or recipients are safe and secure. This invalidation will not affect our services, so you can continue to use Benchmark Email confidently. Those who are new to Benchmark Email can review our terms and policies to gain an understanding of how we protect our customers data.

Please contact us at for further clarification.