If you frequent the Benchmark Email blog, you’ll know that I frequently write about obscure holidays that you can turn into great email marketing campaigns. Today I’m here to talk about one that is slightly more popular. One that practically everyone celebrates. It happens once a year, but it’s not all that likely that you all celebrate it on the same day. Yes. That’s right. Today I’m here to talk about birthdays.

A birthday email campaign is one that every subscriber will enjoy. It’s something that shows them that you appreciate them on their special day. All it takes from your end is a field in your signup process for birth date. Then it’s just a matter of programming autoresponders to send the week of each subscribers’ birthday. Benchmark even offers a feature to send automatic birthday emails.

We just added a few new birthday email templates into the mix too. Pick one you like, offer your birthday subscribers a special discount or free dessert and follow the instructions we linked above for sending automatic birthday emails. Your subscribers will feel good about your company when they know you’re thinking about them on their birthdays.