Ladies, what is the best part of purchasing an item from a cosmetic counter at the department store? The free gift with purchase of course! Sometimes, it’s not just a dainty one-ounce vial of perfume either; gifts with purchase these days can be as hefty as a whole makeup bag with at least six full-sized products. Retail stores sure know how to make their customers happy! It’s a successful method: offer them free or discount items to keep them coming back for more.

E-commerce stores should not be exempt from this either! As we see the trend of more and more people migrating from physical stores to online shopping, pretty soon e-commerce will be the primary way people purchase items. Even with shopping online, the customers’ behavior and expectations of the store do not change. People still like their discounts!

That’s why with Justuno, you can give your customers what they want, but at the same time, your business and email subscription lists grows. That’s what happened with Beloved Shirts. As a Justuno user since 2013, the company was able to not only covert sales, but also established a customer base for their new online store. Using the software, the company experimented with several types of promotions and found the one that delivered the best results.

Beloved Shirts originally offered 10% off of purchase as their base promotion. With this, they gathered an average of 45 emails and social fans per day. Then, Beloved Shirts implemented a new promotion: a gift with purchase. Since its implementation, Beloved Shirts had increased to an average of 197 emails per day, which means a 337% increase in email and social leads.

Bacon Today also saw the same success when they offered a free bacon recipe book when joining their mailing list (well, who would turn down a bacon recipe book?). Adding onto that, Bacon today also implemented a new targeting rule to optimize conversions. What it entails is slowing the visitor to spend 15 seconds on the website before presenting the pop up. This gives enough time for the visitor to get acquainted with the site and browse around to see what products they can potentially buy. What resulted was an increased of email opt ins by over 300%.

That’s why Justuno is a must have tool for every business owner to use. It has features that will give your customers incentive to stay on your site, including special promotions that pop on their screen at the opportune times, free coupon code if they like your social media pages, etc.

Now with the Benchmark Email Justuno Integration, you can add newly acquired email addresses directly to the email list of your choice. Not only are you growing your list with Justuno, but you can also send a customizable follow up email to the visitor containing the promo code. It’s a great way to engage site visitors and provide a way for them to stay on your site and convert sales. It’s a win-win for everybody!