Customers are eager to start their online Christmas shopping and online retailers are just as excited to showcase their amazing products and can’t-missed promotions. At the same time, retailers need to make sure their site and every little function is working smoothly. There is nothing worse than scurrying to buy presents for your family and friends and then a certain button won’t work or there was no smooth transition from one feature to the next.

Before creating your marketing campaigns or social media blurbs, make sure that your website is running perfectly. After all, you wouldn’t want to be building a house on sand, right? You need a strong foundation first, hence a solid website.

That is what enabled Charlotte Tilbury to reach success when launching her first online store. Charlotte Tilbury was already a successful and highly-sought after makeup artist for 20 years and was finally coming out with her own line of cosmetics. Already having launched at the Selfridges store in London, she was ready to bring it digital. First things first, a site was needed that provides multi-national user experience, third party integrations, and more.

Tilbury was specific in what she wanted in that she wanted it to reflect her brand and style but wouldn’t sacrifice on retail features and functionality on all devices. In addition, she was seeking for a site that includes easy bundling tools for a series of shop-the-look options for cross-sell and up-sell, and of course the standard features such as search, email, wish list, reviews, gift cards, and full page caching.

With Magneto Enterprise Edition, she and the team were able to design an online store, which started with a simple build and slowly begin adding integrations for search, email and marketing. Since visual media was crucial for a makeup line, the animations and video tutorials greatly enhanced the entire site.

In just four months, the site was completed and saw amazing results. There was a 229% increase in transactions and 105% increase in visits, 193% increase in revenue, 60% increase in conversion rate, and 29% decrease in bounce rate.

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