You may not know it yet, but we’ve got a couple of TV personalities here at Benchmark Email. That’s right. People know them. They’re kind of a big deal. Their apartments (probably) smell of rich mahogany.

Our Spanish Manager Jose Hernandez and our Sales/Partner Director Daniel Miller were recently featured on Univisión 34 Los Angeles and Channel 22 Los Angeles respectively. Jose shared his expertise on social media with Univision and Daniel weighed in on branding with Channel 22.

As Chamber members, Benchmark Email is thrilled to have had the opportunity to participate in these discussions, thanks to the United States-Mexico Chamber of Commerce California Regional Chapter, whose partnership with these channels enables businesses to speak on the important topics of the day.

We’re all very proud of Jose and Daniel for being recognized on television for their expertise. All of us here at Benchmark Email pride ourselves on being a resource of information and education for our users. Being publicly recognized for these efforts warms our hearts. We look forward to many more opportunities to share our insights with everyone. Plus, I’ll take any and all opportunities to make Anchorman references.

Here are both appearances. They’re in Spanish. It’s either an opportunity for you to enjoy hearing what they said, or to dust off your Spanish and see where your comprehension level is at.

Jose Hernandez on Univisión 34 Los Angeles

Daniel Miller on Channel 22 Los Angeles