At Benchmark Email, we believe in children. We’re not just saying it either. We’re taking action to prove it. Benchmark Email wants to sponsor your PTA, PTO or PTSA. That’s right. We want to give your PTA a Benchmark Email account for free…forever.

There’s no catch. We want you to have the tools to promote the goals of parent teach organizations at any level. There are no limits. You can send as many emails as you desire as often as you wish. All of the great Benchmark Email Features are at your fingertips.

The entire Benchmark Email team of programmers, designers, engineers, deliverability facilitators, content specialists and customer service experts are all part of the package. With the cost of your online communications reduced to zero, your PTA can spend that money on the children instead. Not sold yet? Download our free PDF that explains how this program can be used to your benefit.

This philanthropic sponsorship is ready and waiting for your PTA, PTO or PTSA today. Download the free PDF guide and sign up to have Benchmark Email Sponsor Your PTA. What are you waiting for?