Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme. Get on up, it’s bobsled email marketing time! If this Cool Runnings reference holds up, that makes me John Candy. I’m coaching you on figuring out the best sending rhythm for your email marketing campaigns.

It is important to know how often you should be sending to your subscribers. There is no one correct answer. Try different things out and see what gets the best response. It is important not to wait too long between sendings, lest your subscribers forget about you or that they even subscribed. That could lead to abuse complaints, when really you just waited too long to get in touch. If you send too often, your subscribers will tune you out. It’s all about balance.

Some businesses send daily newsletters that I look forward to opening every morning. For others, it’s weekly or monthly. It depends on how often you are able to put out relevant email campaigns, as much as it does your audience.

If you subscribers come to know when to expect your email campaigns, they may even begin to look forward to it. That will also depend on you sending quality, entertaining and informative email campaigns. They won’t anxiously await boring emails!

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