This is a topic we’ve covered before. You’ve heard us mention email lists and email list management and I guarantee you’ll be hearing about it for many years to come. It is the most essential part of your marketing strategy, second only to having a product or message to market in the first place. See, having an email list isn’t enough. It has to conform to the standards of the CAN-SPAM Act. It can’t be purchased and expected to deliver anything but mischief to its recipients and mayhem for your reputation. The list members must opt-in. You need to confirm it. If you don’t let them unsubscribe within 10 days of their request you’re in for some serious damage.

But once you have a lawful list, what then? Are you seeing your unsubscribe percentage rise week after week? Do your customers seem to forget that they asked to be mailed to in the first place? Are they reporting abuse? How high are your bounces?

Without an audience, you have no one to support your platform. Without an interested consumer base your product will wither like so much refuse tossed in the junk box. For that reason and many more, Benchmark Email is committed to not only making list management easy but also to keeping you informed on how to build healthy email lists, how to maintain that list, and how and when to clean house when the time comes.

Our new, free manual: Cleaning House: How to Build Healthy Email Lists, will get you started. Inside this guide you’ll learn about opting in, opting out, demographic segmentation, the basics and even the philosophy for sustained growth. You can download the free PDF file from our Benchmark Email Marketing Manual section or read it right on our site. As always, we hope you learn about building better lists and that you apply it to future subscribers. They’ll thank you and we’ll be accomplishing our New Year’s Resolution one person at a time.