Maybe you remember back to the days of the drive-in movie theaters, when admission was a dollar and you still snuck people to see the film inside your trunk. Fast forward to now: Movie tickets have increased exponentially, your Netflix cue is a thousand miles long and you find yourself staring at bigger and bigger monitors with more and more advanced technology to boot. There has never been more competition in the entertainment industry than there is today. So how can this extremely diverse industry reach out to current and existing clientele?

As people become dependent on their Web-enabled mobile devices for their news, calendar and entertainment, it’s important to have a quick and efficient inroad to communicate with them about opportunities and information in your business. At Benchmark Email we have the solution – in the form of a marketing manual specifically tailored to the entertainment industry. Our dedication to email service provision, online marketing, branding and social integration serves to educate our users, providing them with the most up to date and valuable information and to ultimately explore marketing best practices in a detailed yet comprehensible way – all with an attractive price tag.

Our Email Marketing Manual for the Entertainment Industry is a free, fully researched PDF on email best practices, with special considerations for the great diversity of sub-categories within the industry. We hope you will take the time to download this guide or read it directly from our website.

Benchmark Email is proud to offer you the best marketing resources the industry has to offer and we can’t wait to welcome you to the team. For more guides and manuals, check out our email marketing manual page.