If you haven’t already begun your holiday email marketing strategizing yet, it’s about time. Perhaps if we tell you about our holiday hours, it will be the push you need. Santa may have elves, but we don’t at Benchmark Email…yet.

During Thanksgiving, while we’re all filled to the brim with turkey and the fixings, your inboxes may be stuffed too. Why? You can make, send and deliver using the Benchmark interface around the clock as always. Please note that there will be no phone support on November 25-26, 2010. Chat and email support will still be available from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm EST.

When Christmas comes, Email Santa Claus will still be delivering promotions and newsletters to all the good inboxes and spam to the naughty ones. Again, our site and delivery is 24 hours. There will be no phone support on December 24th, 2010. Chat and email will be available this day from 9:00am-5:30pm EST. There will be no phone, chat or email support available on December 25, 2010.

Your inbox might be popping around the same time those bottles of champagne are on New Years Eve. Alas, there will be no support available on December 31, 2010 or January 1, 2011.

Happy holidays, everybody. We’re wishing you and yours a happy and a healthy holiday season. Sorry for any inconveniences these support changes may cause you…and we also apologize if Email Santa brings you any spam coal.

Here’s a quick summary for your reference benefit:

We will be out of the office (chat and email support will be available from 9:00am-5:30pm EST unless otherwise noted):

November 25-26 — Thursday & Friday
December 24 — Friday
December 25 — Saturday (no phone/chat/email)
December 31 – Friday (no phone/chat/email)
January 1 – Saturday (no phone/chat/email)