It’s a little known fact (and one of the secrets to our success) that the Benchmark Email customer support team is comprised of elves, on loan from Santa’s Workshop. They’re hard workers, take up very little space and aim to please. The one drawback is that Santa needs their help on Christmas. Otherwise, he’d run the risk of everyone not getting their presents on time. All of us here at Benchmark Email don’t want that on our conscience.

That being the case, on December 26th, we will only have chat and email support available. There will be no phone support that day. The elves have been given the day off to recover.

There will also be no phone support, only chat and email, on January 2nd. New Years is a big deal to the elves, since it’s the last time the elves can celebrate before they need to get back to toy making. They do so much for us the rest of the year that giving them these two days off is the least we can do.

Happy holidays!