The more is merrier or less is more? When it comes to your business website, it is definitely the more the merrier!

If you are building your company website for the first time, of course you have to start with the basics: About us, List of Products/Services, Staff, Contact. As your business grows, there are going to be, and should be, a lot more extra deals and specials you can give to your customers.

That is where landing pages come in. A landing page is not only a better way to promote your new deals, but it also increases your brand awareness on the web.

Unbounce software is quick and easy to follow. It is a drag and drop page builder so there is no need to know HTML, because who has time to learn all that?! All you need to do it select the fields that you want and fill in with images, copy, video, etc. You can also add social widgets so customers can click to your Facebook or Twitter pages.

Using email marketing in conjunction to your new landing pages is like the cheese to your macaroni. Email marketing is the best method to use to start and maintain a relationship with your customers. By adding a simple sign-box box to your landing page, your customers can sign up for a mailing list and will be automatically added to your Benchmark account, under its own contact list.

From here, you can create and send email campaigns just for them. The key to growing your business through email marketing is having the campaign that has the appropriate content for that audience. If they receive an email that sounds too vague and general, they will most likely write it off as spam and in the trash in goes.

With a contact list that is just for those that signed up through Unbounce, you can offer special deals or specific content that is just for them, therefore gaining their trust and solidifying your relationships.

With the integration between Unbounce and Benchmark, your new subbies that came from your Unbounce-created landing page will instantly will added to a contact list on your Benchmark account for, you guessed it, even better email marketing efforts!

  • Log in to your Benchmark account
  • Click on Integration under My Account
  • Scroll down to Unbounce
  • Select your List to receive Unbounce subscribers
  • When you click on the desired list, it will automatically generate a URL in the box for Step Two. Copy this URL.
  • Login to your Unbounce account.
  • Go to your Page Overview.
  • Click on WebHook: POST to URL under Basic Integrations on the right-hand side.
  • Paste your URL in the box and select Continue.