Nobody enjoys feeling like they’re being marketed to. It makes you feel manipulated. That’s why targeted, relevant marketing is more important than it has ever been. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) allows businesses to collect data and relationship history on each individual customer and lead. This allows you to segment your lists and target the appropriate campaigns at your subscribers.

With the new Benchmark Email Zapier Integration, you can connect your Benchmark Email accounts to most of the top CRM tools out there. Benchmark Email already had great integrations with Salesforce, Zoho and Highrise, but this Zapier integration adds many more CRMs to the list.

Import to Benchmark Email

Perhaps you’re already using one of the many awesome CRM tools that Zapier connects to. You’ve already got that information gold sitting there in your account for that tool. Now when you add a new contact to your CRM, you can import that data directly to your Benchmark email list. You’ve done the organization work and email collection already in your CRM, so take advantage of it for your email marketing.

Export to your CRMs from Benchmark Email

Say you starting using Benchmark Email before adopting a CRM tool. That’s OK too! Now that you’ve graduated to including a CRM in your marketing repertoire, any new contact can be exported from your Benchmark Email list data to your CRM tool.

Putting The Integrations to Use

Say you’ve got a segment of your list that prefers one type of products. Your CRM could tell you that information. Maybe it’s a clothing line and we’re talking men’s clothing and women’s clothing. The men don’t need to be updated on the latest women’s trends and vice versa. By targeting these segments with the most relevant data, you can keep your subscribers happy and for longer.

On the other side, perhaps you’ve done an excellent job cultivating your email lists. You’ve put signup forms on your website, Facebook page and anywhere else potential subscribers may be. You’ve got names, emails addresses and maybe other valuable data such as phone numbers, names of businesses, etc. That is all useful information to have in your CRM as well … and Zapier is the easiest way to get them there.