So you finally took the plunge and you are ready to start your own online business. Congrats! It can be an exciting, yet sometimes bumpy, but still exciting journey. With all these advanced technology and improved strategies, you have all the resources you need to grow your online business.

So assuming all you have on your computer is Google Chrome, Word, and some games here and there, it is time to go shopping for softwares and apps to help you start your online business! Yes, there is a good amount of things you need to have on your computer that are necessary for your business: Word processor, CRM, spreadsheets, and so much more.

The challenging part, however, is that these programs are often times sold individually and within their own brand. It’s pretty costly to purchase each product from the same brand, and it’s probably even difficult to find all at one time. In the event that you buy each product from different brands, imagine trying to install them all in one computer. It’s like trying to pop a square Tupperware lid onto a round Tupperware bowl (if that makes sense). You can try pressing them down and forcing them to fit, but ultimately it’s going to pop right off because they are not meant to fit. Same goes for certain programs.

Fortunately for you and other new online business owners, Zoho has every programs and apps you need in one. It is a suite of online applications that you can sign up for and access online. These services in tracking customers, hosting emails, collaborating on documents, managing projects, are all designed to work together seamlessly. Of course, if you want to add in an extra plugin, you can go ahead and plug it into Zoho’s integrated system.

With the Benchmark Email Zoho Integration, you can easily import your Zoho contacts directly into your Benchmark Email account, with no extra setup or downloads required. Nothing is more important to starting an online business than having a good email marketing strategy to create good relationships and expanding your brand name to other potential customers.

Here is how to get started:

  • Log in to your Benchmark account
  • Click on the My Account tab
  • Click on the Integration panel and scroll down to the Zoho CRM section
  • Input your Zoho username and password and click Connect
  • Go to the Lists tab and click Create New List
  • Choose the “Import Contacts from a File” option and click Save & Add Contacts
  • Click the “Click here” link under “Upload Your File”
  • Click the Zoho panel in the list that appears
  • Click the Import List button