Last month we presented you with our latest email marketing manual on Real Estate. This week we’re heading back to basics with an original white paper for Home Improvement industries that are looking to expand their branding and online marketing reach. Home Improvement: The DIY Guide to Email Marketing is a free, downloadable PDF that can be read at your leisure or used as a template to kick start your email marketing program.

Whether you’re a small town retailer of tools and services or a depot in a major city, email marketing can build both brand recognition and user engagement. The high ROI and low cost of email marketing is perfect for DIY entrepreneurs and we’ve included all the most relevant info and statistics inside this latest manual. You’ll discover:

  • How email marketing can work for large and small Home Improvement retailers
  • Current email marketing trends and statistics for the Home Improvement industry
  • Comparisons between Home Improvement and other major online marketing industries
  • How to refresh your business strategy
  • The full range of Benchmark’s award-winning email software features
  • How to put all of this data to good use with best email marketing practices

Click the link above or head to our email marketing manuals page to explore a library of professional, free email marketing resources.