As of January 2014, it has been reported that micro-blogging site, Tumblr, has:

  • 168.4 million blogs
  • 74.7 billion posts
  • 11.3.6 million posts per day
  • 199.1 monthly visitors
  • 251% percent increase in mobile engagement growth

Aren’t those numbers beautiful? Quite unexpected too, since the royalty of content marketing had always been with WordPress, Weebly, and Squarespace.

However, Tumblr has been slowly evolving itself from a casual daily blurbs site into a top-notch professional content marketing platform. What made Tumblr originally so minuscule compared to the bigger blogging platforms was that it was not so heavy on content and much more focused on social sharing. Hence the name “micro-blogging,” it was mostly for posting short texts, quotes, and photos. The interaction on this platform was through readers liking, sharing, and reposting.

Of course on WordPress, you are able to write comments below the article as well, but it was more business-oriented, or used as a community website. In order to share it among social media, specific plugins were needed. An advantage of Tumblr is that is it treated as a social media site, so sharing can be done directly from the page.

Don’t think that because Tumblr is so short and speedy that it can’t be used for businesses. There have been countless companies that have created their own presences on Tumblr and tweaked in a way that makes it look professional yet accessible.

One small disclaimer though. Because Tumblr is so visual-oriented, the industries that can benefit the most from this blogging platform are visual-oriented industries…of course. Companies in fashion, photography, art, food catering, interior design, can simply upload an image and as the liking/sharing train gets rolling, the brand is gaining more presence and traffic.

That isn’t to say non-visual industries can’t utilize Tumblr either. Any news, promotions, or sales that you want to share with your followers can easily be created into a fun infographic or a banner to be easily shared too.

WordPress will always be a content marketer’s first true love, but having the option of using Tumblr to push out short blurbs and visuals and make it go viral quickly is always handy to have as well.