The hot topic of 2010 in the world of email marketing has been cross promotion with social networking. No social network seems to be growing faster or gather more hype than Twitter. Some people have garnered fame just from their Twitter accounts. One Twitterer even landed himself a TV version of his account starring the great William Shatner.

Branding is a great reason to mix your Twitter account into your email marketing campaigns. It has been proven that it takes seven times for a recipient to recognize your brand. The ability to have your branding unified across all marketing platforms will only expedite this process.

New features at Benchmark Email are making this incredibly easy for you. We have introduced a Twitter email template. It is found in the Newsletter section. Our software will automatically pull features from your Twitter account into the template.

This is made possible by our new integration feature, which will allow you to plug in your Twitter information into your account. You can do this by clicking the Integration section in My Account.

Twitter alone can get you recognition. Using the Twitter template with Benchmark Email will only further your reach. Get on the email marketing and social networking integration bandwagon before it passes you by!